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Whether you are at the start of your net zero journey, or already well on your way towards net zero, we can help you understand your emissions and where they come from, take action to reduce your impact, and compensate those residual, unavoidable emissions.

Take climate action

We must strive for sustainability

We are the last generation that can act to save the planet from global warming. Everything we do has an impact. The way we produce, build, move, eat, live… We must move fast to understand our impact and work together to eliminate, reduce, and compensate emissions.

Solutions to take climate action

net zero consultancy

Net zero advisory

Customised advisory for companies on zero-carbon strategy, environmental footprint, green supply chain and climate action advocacy.

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Renewable energy

Energy Attribute Certificates are a flexible and cost-efficient solution to meet your sustainable energy targets and reduce Scope 2 corporate carbon footprint.

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renewable energy
carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting

Voluntary carbon markets have matured significantly since their inception over two decades ago. Today, the most committed organizations choose to offset their emissions by financing independently verified, traceable projects in different locations and technologies aimed at reducing or absorbing emissions, and which also contribute to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Pillars of climate action

We will accompany you every step of the path to net zero


Measure your carbon footprint

Our Net Zero advisory team will help you measure your impact and understand the sensitivity of your business to carbon pricing.

Reduce your emissions

We help you to set emission reduction targets and work out how to achieve them practically.

Offset your emissions

We have a diverse portfolio of emission reduction projects of different natural and technical solutions, from all around the world.

Communicate your achievements

We guide and help our clients communicate about their sustainability efforts simply, clearly and effectively.



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Want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint?

Measure and neutralise your company´s emissions by engaging your employees to contribute in the fight against climate change.

Klimatribe is a unique tool that helps your team measure, reduce and offset their emissions, together.

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employee advocacy