; It's time to strive to a net zero strategy | Strive

Vertis was born over 20 years ago, before environmental finance was even considered a thing. Before Greta, the EU Emissions Trading System and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have always wanted to help our planet, that is our vision, our why. But “How do we save our planet?” is another important question. 

Some time ago, we decided to go further. We have established ourselves as experts in the EU ETS. We are very proud of this accomplishment and have to thank our amazing teams for this. But our road cannot stop here; we still have much to grow and to give back to our planet and clients. This leads me to that question I posed before.

A few years ago, we set up a voluntary markets team at Vertis because we understood that compliance alone was not enough. Today, the voluntary markets are growing like never before and we want to offer our clients more, yet we do not want to lose focus as a company. So, we decided to create a new brand for the voluntary market. This brand has the strength and learnings of its older sibling, Vertis, yet brings a new and fresher look to the table. This new brand is called Strive

Yes, Strive is an anagram of Vertis (we did not do this on purpose… or did we?). Strive is so much more than a name. To strive literally means to go beyond and to make something happen against difficulties and what is more difficult than to restore our planet and reverse the ecological crisis? We want to inspire everyone, not just companies but also individuals, to change the legacy because we must strive for climate action, we must act now and we must aim for a net zero economy.

So, how will we save the planet? Together. We will help you find the right solution for your business so we can save the planet and turn sustainability into an business opportunity. We will guide you to reduce costs, optimize processes and compensate the unavoidable. We will help you strive to zero. This is our promise to you.

Welcome to Strive, born to save the legacy!