6th to 20th November, 2022

Strive at COP27

COP27 highlights

01. Article 6

Succesful advances on technical details and initiatives between countries regarding Article 6 of the Paris Agreement are starting to pick up. Work on methodologies still needed.

02. 1.5ºC Limit

Current NDCs would see a rise of about 2.5C. The final deal is urging countries to bring their NDCs in line with that goal.

03. Loss & Damage

Parties have agreed to create a fund to finance developing nation’s loss and damage costs.

COP27 summary

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COP27 summary

Key Takeaways from
the Strive team

Our research team and carbon experts who attended the 27th UN Climate Change Conference have prepared for you a summary with key takeaways for the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

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