• Project ID: 1729
  • Type & Standard: Gold Standard
  • Annual reduction: 10,000
  • Country: Myanmar
  • Type of project: Cookstove


Myanmar is the third largest contributor to deforestation worldwide. As the forests disappear, the price of wood gets higher, driving more and more families into energy poverty. Cutting expenditure on wood makes a huge difference to families already living in poverty, and reducing time spent foraging for wood means more time to spend on smallholdings and securing a good harvest Rural families in Myanmar spend as much as 40% of their income – or time equivalent – on purchasing or collecting firewood. Indoor cooking on inefficient stoves is a silent killer.

Air pollution from domestic cooking is responsible for the premature deaths of over 4 million people a year, more than HIV Aids and malaria combined.

Each cook stove reduces wood consumption by at least 50%, reducing pressure on forests and reducing household expenditure on fuel. Air pollution is reduced by 80% and improves the health and safety of the whole community. Carbon emissions are reduced by 60% or four tons per year, per stove.

The Myanmar Stoves Campaign sells cook stoves at a subsidised cost, complete with a one year guarantee and service agreement. Typical payback for users is less than six month. The remaining cost of the stove is recovered through carbon finance. Excess carbon credits generated are fed back into the project to help extend the reach and benefits to more families

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