• Project ID: 2083
  • Type & Standard: VCS CCB
  • Project duration: 2016-2044
  • Annual reduction: 347,498
  • Country: China
  • Type of project: Afforestation/Reforestation of degraded land


The project establishes forest on the barren hills and wasteland to generate GHG emission reductions and contribute to local sustainable development.

The project consist on the afforestation of 23,720 ha hectares by direct planting on barren hills in Shuicheng county, Pan county, Liuzhi special district which used to be poor sustainable ecological environment and karst rocky desertification.

The implementation of the project activity has provided 15,220 jobs for local villagers, among which 70 percent are women. The implementation of the project is expected to reduce the GHG emissions amounting to 10,077,450 tCO2e over the next 29 years, with an average annual GHG emission removal of 347,498t CO2e.

The native species China fir, Cypresses, Pinus yunnanensis and Masson pine are chosen as the target species.

Seedling planting is chosen as the forestation method. Seedling is robust with developed root system, has no mechanical damage and no diseases, and has complete crown.

The forestation activities intend to contribute to climate change mitigation through sequestration of atmospheric CO2 during biomass growth. The local communities will benefit from the project in enhancing job opportunities, improved environment and landscape restoration.

Project Stats


Jobs for locals , among which 70% are women


Hectares of barren hills planted


Anthropogenic GHG removals by sinks

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