• Project ID: GS3351
  • Type & Standard: Gold Standard
  • Annual reduction: 109,168
  • Country: Turkey
  • Type of project: Wind


The project involves the installation of 19 wind turbines which each having an output of 3.0 MW with a total capacity of 57 MW and the development of a high voltage transmission line between the proposed project area and the national grid. Based on the generation license of the proposed project activity, an estimated net electricity of 192,500 MWh/year will be produced by the project activity and delivered to the national grid.2 The annual emission reductions are estimated as 109,168 tCO2-eq/years ex-ante and total emission reductions for chosen crediting period are estimated as 764,179 tCO2e.

The project contributes significantly to the region’s sustainable development in the following ways: reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey by replacing electricity otherwise generated by the Turkish grid, which has a large share of fossil fuel power generation, creation of local employment both during the construction and operational phase, creation of new job opportunities for the local community and support to the regional economy through the employment of different kind of service and material supply (civil and electrical works, operation and maintenance activities, security), technology and know-how transfer as the employees are trained on maintenance, safety and operational issues and contribution to the reduction of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles resulting from the electricity generation using fossil fuels in Turkey.

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