Carbon removals vs avoidance

Strive organised a COP27 panel in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce. An in-depth conversation on carbon avoidance versus removals with Verra, Gold Standard and Science Based Targets initiative.

A panel discussion in partnership with

the ICC’s Make Climate Action Everyone’s

Business Forum

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the momentum created by the Paris Agreement, fueled by corporate net zero pledges and powered by private finance seeing the value in carbon reduction and co-benefit premiums. As countries and companies face challenges in meeting compliance obligation demands and reducing their supply chain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the VCM provides a way of abating and neutralizing emissions.

As corporates keep working on reaching net zero, developing a proper climate action strategy is essential. After measuring and reducing emissions, companies must offset unavoidable emissions by financing emission reduction projects. This offsetting strategy must also be well balanced with a mix of avoidance and removal projects to ensure short and long terms carbon capture.

  • The increased demand in carbon removals projects in the past 1-2 years and expectations forward.
  • The supply of carbon removals credits for companies by 2030.
  • CCS (carbon capture scheme), future of technological solutions?
  • COP27: what will come out regarding carbon removals or overall VCM.


ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)


November, 10th


13:30h (EET)

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