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We can help you navigate the complex world of shipping emissions and to get ready to ride the wave, with our integrated shipping services in both regulated (Vertis) and voluntary (Strive) carbon markets.

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GHG emissions of total shipping have increased by almost 10% from 2012 to 2018 mostly due to a continuous increase of global maritime trade. These emissions are projected to increase significantly if mitigation measures are not put in place swiftly.

Achieve your environmental obligations and ambitions

Environmental compliance

Net zero advisory

Sourcing carbon offsets

Trainings & programs

We help you get ready for environmental compliance under EU ETS.

We support your company in improving their carbon footprint and sustainability performance.

Access to an international portfolio of environmental projects to offset your emissions.

Climate awareness programs and trainings for stakeholders.

Voluntary action on climate change can add value for your business, helping you to gain market share, reduce your carbon risk exposure and strengthen your brand image.


Strive is committed to support Shipowners and Charterers, for their owned and controlled fleet, in their efforts to push sustainability boundaries on their road to net zero emissions and carbon neutrality.In that respect, we are working on several strategical alliances.


Carbon neutral voyage, what is it?

Carbon offsetting is a recognized mechanism that allows counterbalancing CO2 emissions of a shipment that cannot be avoided.

A carbon neutral voyage can be achieved by applying to mechanism and matching carbon offsets with the voyage’s specific emissions.

Charterer purchases from Strive the equivalent amount of carbon offsets (1,956 tCO2) from ICROA-approved carbon offsets. Strive retires the carbon offsets on behalf of Charterer to ensure the transfer of ownership of the environmental attribute to Charterer and its right to make emission reduction claim.

Our dedicated team has more than 25 years of hands-on experience within the shipping industry, understands the challenges the sector faces and knows how to help you.