Action on climate is growing strongly across the private sector. Organizations are demonstrating a clear appetite to contribute to the 1.5°C-2ºC goals of the Paris Agreement by committing to carbon neutrality and net zero strategies. Strive was born to help organizations take action, to inspire and empower everyone to act and change the legacy.

Strive is a brand by Vertis Environmental Finance, the oldest emissions trading firm in Europe. With over 20 years experience in the carbon markets, a billion carbon units traded, and over 1,800 clients, the company provides the solid base you need for your net zero journey.

VERTIS. STRIVE. We changed the letters around. But the passion to support our customers remains the same.


About Vertis

Established in 1998, Vertis Environmental Finance was one of the first companies in the world to be involved in carbon markets and helping companies finance emission reduction investments. Today, Vertis is a regulated entity under MiFID II that helps its business partners to understand and operate in the carbon markets, as well as to adopt a zero emissions growth model.

Change the legacy!

1.5ºC. That’s the crucial figure. If global temperatures rise by more than this, it’s very bad news, it means an irreversible climate breakdown. We all know the planet is in trouble, but compliance is no longer enough. We need to be smarter, innovative and we need to adapt. NOW. And that’s where we come in.

Sustainability at the center of your business.

Creating a better future for everyone sounds easier than it is. At Strive, we help you find the right solution for your business to turn sustainability into an opportunity, reduce costs, optimize processes and compensate the unovoidable.


The voluntary carbon market (VCM) has the potential to grow significantly in the decade ahead and become even more impactful. Voluntary purchases and retirements accelerate the global transition towards net zero emissions. Find our how Strive can help.


Disclosure as ICROA members performing footprinting measurement for air travel  Information regarding carbon footprint calculation for aviation emissions: Higher impact of CO2 emissions from aviation due to the altitude is reflected in Vertis corporate carbon footprint calculations by using the emission factors including RFI (Radiative Forcing Index)published by Defra (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs of the UK).